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Our People Are the Greatest Asset We Have – Now, More Than Ever.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, governments are designating forest products as essential.

As a global leader in the forest products industry, Resolute produces a range of vitally important products. Lumber is critical to our infrastructure, now and in the economic recovery to come; residual wood chips are the raw material for tissue, pulp, paper and energy; pulp is crucial for producing personal care products, food protective papers and medical supplies used by our healthcare professionals on the front lines; bath tissue and paper towels meet our basic needs for cleanliness and comfort; and newsprint and other papers help keep us all informed, the world over.

Our employees are working hard to meet the demand for our products, and we are proud of their dedication and vigilance. We published these print and digital ads in our operating communities in order to thank them publicly for their efforts.

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