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Resolute’s Sustainability Committee Adopts a Charter

Strong corporate governance is fundamental to Resolute’s long-term success as an increasingly diversified, highly competitive and consistently profitable organization.

Developing and guiding the company’s sustainability strategy and performance, our sustainability committee has been actively bolstering environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives since 2011. At the end of 2022, the committee adopted a new charter outlining its purpose, responsibilities and procedures.

The committee’s mandate includes: 

  • developing and driving the company’s sustainability strategy and performance;
  • identifying, recommending and providing oversight on the company’s key sustainability commitments;
  • monitoring plans and performance;
  • overseeing reporting and communications;
  • ensuring continuous improvement; and 
  • assessing stakeholder expectations and sustainability trends.

Directly accountable to the company’s executive team, and ultimately, the president and chief executive officer, the sustainability committee is chaired by the vice president, Corporate Communications, Sustainability and Government Affairs, and composed of a cross-functional group of senior managers and subject-matter experts from across the company, from sales and human resources to communications, forestry, finance, investor relations, IT, legal, operations, procurement and environment. This diligent system of governance, reflective of Resolute’s approach at the corporate level, ensures integrity and transparency while allowing us to engage meaningfully with our stakeholders. 

To learn more about Resolute’s sustainability committee, consult the committee’s new charter on the company’s website. 

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