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New Book Challenges Forestry Misconceptions

A new book by John Mullinder, ‘Little Green Lies and Other BS: From “Ancient” Forests to “Zero” Waste’, challenges nearly 40 common misconceptions about forests and the forest products industry, highlighting the facts that are often overlooked in provocative headlines and fundraising campaigns. The book is extensively researched and easy to read, with sources for those who wish to learn more. Kathleen McFadden, Former Assistant Deputy Minister, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry, described the book as follows:

“This entertaining and informative “dictionary” of environmental buzzwords explains and exposes a variety of terms that are widely used but often poorly understood. The author draws on his years of experience, along with numerous international studies and reports, to challenge myths and misconceptions about paper, packaging, waste, and recycling. Well-documented references encourage the reader to dig deeper. Little Green Lies and other BS is a great resource for anyone who wants to become better informed about critical issues that impact the health and future of our planet.”

Mr. Mullinder served as executive director of the Paper & Paperboard Packaging Environmental Council for 30 years. His first book, ‘Deforestation in Canada & Other Fake News’, was published in 2018.
‘Little Green Lies and Other BS’ is available on Amazon, with an e-book version to be published soon.

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