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Meet Resolute’s Sustainability Committee: A Dedicated Team

Resolute’s sustainability leadership is directly linked to the commitment and drive of its sustainability committee. 

Established a decade ago and chaired by Seth Kursman, vice president, Corporate Communications, Sustainability and Government Affairs, the committee brings together a talented, energetic, cross-functional group of senior company representatives and issue experts with a robust mandate: leading, developing and implementing the company’s sustainability strategy. The collective knowledge and experience of the committee members span every aspect of our business: community and stakeholder engagement, Indigenous partnerships, energy and environmental management, finance, legal, fiber sourcing, forest management, health and safety, human resources, innovation, information technology, sales, procurement and supply chain, and operations (pulp, paper, tissue and wood products).

We rely on our sustainability committee to support the delivery of the company’s public commitments. Each year, the committee sets ambitious sustainability objectives based on stakeholder assessments and our shared priorities, which are updated every two to three years by consulting external and internal stakeholders. Quarterly meetings allow the committee to monitor Resolute’s ongoing sustainability performance while overseeing reporting and communications. 

Performance updates are provided to the executive team and the board of directors environmental, health and safety committee, and annual results are disclosed in the company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K, as well as on the corporate website in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a vigorous internationally recognized reporting framework. We also report our sustainability performance to a number of environmental disclosure systems, such as CDP, EcoVadis, Book Chain Project, the Environmental Paper Assessment Tool and the Environmental Paper Company Index. 

We invite you to consult our corporate website for detailed information on our public commitments.

Resolute’s sustainability committee members: 

Seth Kursman (chair), Corporate Communications, Sustainability and Government Affairs

Marc Bédard, Forestry

Louis Bouchard, Public Affairs and Government Relations – Canada

Robert Dufresne, Environment, Energy and Innovation

Emmanuelle Gervais-Cadrin, Legal

Nathalie Guilbault, Corporate Communications and Sustainability

Maxime Langlais, Wood Products Operations

Dominic Leroux, Health and Safety

Danielle Levasseur, Information Technology

Marianne Limoges, Treasury and Investor Relations

David Marshall, Sustainability and U.S. Public Affairs

Rob Martin, Tissue Operations

Charles Neilson, Paper Sales

Isabelle Papillon, Legal

Mélissa Picard, Human Resources

Martin Sénéchal, Procurement

Richard Tremblay, Pulp and Paper Operations

Étienne Vézina, Forestry and Certification

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