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State of Canada’s Forests 2020: Toundra Greenhouse Featured!

Toundra Greenhouse, an innovative cucumber-growing complex in which Resolute holds a 49% interest, features prominently in the 2020 State of Canada’s Forests report, published by Canada’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. The greenhouse is cited as a successful example of leveraging technology as part of the shift to a sustainable, circular economy. 

The report details the origins of the greenhouse project, which involved “new business relationships and investments that valued the residuals of one production process and used them as inputs into another.” As the report also mentions: “Because the inputs – residuals – are renewable and sustainably managed, and the outputs – vegetables – are compostable, the circular economy supports natural cycles, including nutrient recycling and carbon management. When the circular economy uses organic materials, it becomes a circular bioeconomy.”

Located on land adjacent to Resolute’s Saint-Félicien (Quebec) pulp mill, the complex operates using state-of-the-art growing technology and sustainable practices, such as collecting rain and snow for plant watering, and offering polystyrene-free packaging for its products. Toundra Greenhouse cucumbers can be found on dinner tables across Quebec. On December 9, 2020, the organization announced its third expansion phase since its inauguration in 2016, an investment of $50 million that will create 55 new jobs. In addition to consolidating its position as a major player in the province’s greenhouse industry, the investment will allow Toundra Greenhouse to cultivate new products. 

Resolute is proud of our involvement in Toundra Greenhouse. We invite you to peruse the 2020 State of Canada’s Forests report to learn more!

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