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Four Resolute Mills Among the Safest Mills in Canada

On April 13, 2020, four Resolute mills – Baie-Comeau, Kénogami, Alma and Thunder Bay – finished at the top of Pulp & Paper Canada’s 2019 Safest Mills in Canada contest for their outstanding safety record. Our Baie-Comeau and Kénogami (Quebec) paper mills placed first and second, respectively, in category C (less than 50,000 worker hours per month), our Alma (Quebec) paper mill placed first in category B (50,000 to 80,000 worker hours per month), and our Thunder Bay (Ontario) pulp and paper mill placed second in category A (more than 80,000 worker hours per month). In the event of ties, mills are ranked by the most to least total worker hours, placing Thunder Bay second despite a tie for first, and putting Baie-Comeau slightly ahead of Kénogami.

This recognition reflects Resolute’s proactive approach to safety, which is guided by these principles:

  • Active management commitment and employee involvement are key to ensuring a safe, injury-free workplace.
  • Every task can be performed without injury.
  • Operating without injuries is the foundation of operational excellence.
  • Our ultimate goal: zero workplace incidents, zero injuries.

Pulp & Paper Canada has benchmarked mills according to their safety records in an annual ranking since 1926. The ranking is based on the total recordable incident rate in three categories – the lowest rate is the winner of that class for the year. The contest is open to pulp and paper mills located across Canada.

We commend our employees for their dedication to these principles, and we are grateful for Pulp & Paper Canada’s recognition of their efforts. Congratulations to the teams at each of the mills named on the 2019 Safest Mills in Canada list!

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