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Read Up on the Latest Book Challenge

#DYK that even in the digital age, 67% of Americans report reading at least one print book a year? Get inspired, start your reading challenge.

Sitting down to read a book is a treasured activity for many of us – whether it is a childhood favorite revisited, an autobiography of someone you admire, or the latest cookbook from a top chef. 

While we seem to live our lives online these days, there is still an opportunity to get outside your comfort zone and discover new books, new hobbies and new ways of thinking.

Top 10 Book Challenges

 Read outside: Whether you’re on the beach or in your backyard, the great outdoors offers natural light and a relaxing atmosphere to read a book.  

2. Read about your heritage: Get in touch with your ancestors by reading a book related to your heritage – a great way to learn more about your family history and events.

3. Read a library book: Studies show most Americans still believe in the importance of libraries. Show your local library support by becoming a member and checking out a book.

4. Read to learn something new: Challenge yourself to learn a new skill or hobby from a book.

5. Read a book published more than 50 years ago: They’re called classics for a reason – older books can provide valuable insight into how perspectives shift over time.

6. Read a book set in the future: Speculative fiction is a valuable tool for telling stories and sharing timeless ideas in a setting outside of present conflicts.

7. Read a book that inspired a movie or TV show: You may be surprised at how many movies and TV shows are based on books.

8. Reread a childhood favorite: Revisit a formative book from your past and think about how this read-through compared with previous ones.

9. Read the autobiography of someone you admire: For inspiration and guidance, read about the successes and failures of a notable person.

10. Read a cookbook to learn a new recipe: Cooking is a valuable life skill. Challenge yourself to brush up on your skills in the kitchen.

To read up on more book challenges you can set for you and your family, visit Paper & Packaging Board @HowLifeUnfolds to raise the bar on your personal reading.

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