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Introducing Green Dream blogger Gabriel Gauthier

By Gabriel Gauthier
A career in the forest products industry offers as many rewards and opportunities as it does challenges. That’s what participants in Forest Products Association of Canada’s (FPAC) Green Dream Internship Program are discovering on the job at Resolute.
We are pleased to share a series of blogposts written by the new interns on their work experience and adventures.

Deciding to do an internship in the forest products industry at the age of 21 to gain professional experience was a motivated and motivating choice. To introduce myself further, I am currently doing a bachelor’s degree in industrial relations at Université Laval. For the summer of 2019, I’m doing an internship at a forestry company called Resolute Forest Products. Since childhood, I had dreamed of being part of this company, which is based on four core values: “work safely, be accountable, ensure sustainability and succeed together.” In addition to reflecting my values, the company enables me to progress rapidly and understand the reality of the forest products industry. Resolute produces market pulp, tissue, wood products, newsprint and specialty papers. With 40 facilities in Canada and in the United States, it markets its products in nearly 70 countries.

After a few weeks with the company, I can see that it’s vital to encourage and support the development of the wood products industry. In addition to having the chance to raise awareness of the forest products industry, the opportunity to write a blogpost during my internship is a huge source of motivation for my colleagues and I. As a Human Resources Intern at Resolute Forest Products, I have contact with management, employees and even the labor unions. The internship includes various aspects of industrial relations and enables me to apply the theoretical concepts covered by my bachelor’s degree. Moreover, the company’s business and sustainability strategy is in line with my expectations concerning the environment and proximity to the community. I invite you to follow my journey during this dream internship and get to know the forest products industry a little better.


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