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Introducing Green Dream blogger Billi Bob Levasseur

By Billi Bob Levasseur
A career in the forest products industry offers as many rewards and opportunities as it does challenges. That’s what participants in Forest Products Association of Canada’s (FPAC) Green Dream Internship Program are discovering on the job at Resolute.
We are pleased to share a series of blogposts written by the new interns on their work experience and adventures.

Hello everyone.

My name is Billi Bob Levasseur, I’m 27 years old and I’ve just completed the second year of a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. I chose this program mainly to learn more about the field of electrical energy, since my interest in it is my main reason for going to university. I also saw the opportunity to develop project management skills, an aspect of the engineering profession that I find very interesting.

I previously had the opportunity to do an industry internship in the Lower St. Lawrence. With this second internship, I plan to deepen my knowledge of the forest products industry and learn more about Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean. The location of the internship was a key factor because I’ve been living in the region for two years.

In 2006, the Government of Canada designated Quebec’s pulp and paper industry a ‘’National Historic Event’’. It’s easy to see how the industry has made a mark on the country’s history and economy.

This is a great opportunity for me to be part of the Resolute Forest Products family, a dynamic company that adapts and responsibly manages the natural resources of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean. The company promotes values that reflect today’s society, such as sustainability and occupational health and safety.

Currently, during my internship at the Kénogami pulp and paper mill in the heart of the Saguenay region, I assist a team of three electrical engineers. My internship tasks are varied, and I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in major projects, including maintenance of the high-voltage power system. Right now I’m working on a project to improve the maintenance planning of the power system, as well as on various mandates to improve the paper machine. Health and safety considerations are a top priority; this field of activity has changed a lot over the years and is vital for the smooth operation of the mill. By equipping itself with up-to-date tools and procedures, the mill can take advantage of these additions to improve equipment reliability and help reduce the risk of production losses. I’m learning a lot every day as the people on the team involve me in their meetings and activities.

What I like about my internship is that I can be involved from start to finish in the various parts of a mill project – from the definition of the project to the bids by subcontractors – in collaboration with engineers who have expertise in various fields. Carrying out a project at an operating mill means adapting in order to meet changing production requirements and needs.

I’m very pleased that throughout the summer I’ll be able to share the progress of my internship projects and my outings in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean. I hope to show you just how good life is for a member of the Resolute Forest Products family.

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