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How community organizations are benefiting from Resolute’s outstanding safety performance

Thanks to our Northwestern Ontario operations’ outstanding safety performance, 17 local community organizations are benefitting from Resolute’s financial contributions to continue providing critical support and services to those in need.

Resolute’s unique Board of Directors Safety Award program honors major safety milestones by directing community donations to organizations chosen by the company’s employees. Operations earn up to $5,000 to donate on behalf of employees when achieving 250,000 consecutive hours without a single recordable injury. The award increases to $10,000 at the 500,000-hour mark, and to $15,000 when employees reach 1 million hours.

In February alone, our Northwestern Ontario operations’ safety achievements translated into $40,000 in donations to various local community organizations.

At our Thunder Bay pulp and paper mill, one of the largest employers in the region, employees achieved 1.5 million hours of work without a single recordable injury. In addition to a $15,000-contribution acquired via the safety program, the facility added $20,000 given the magnitude of the milestone, for a total of $35,000 in donations. Fourteen non-profit organizations in the Thunder Bay area that provide much-needed support to youth, Aboriginal communities and those in need of health, shelter and community services were granted $2,500 each.

Our Ontario Woodlands employees also earned $5,000 through the Board of Directors Safety Award program for reaching the 250,000-hour mark. They donated $2,500 to theRainy River District Women’s Shelter of Hope in Atikokan, which provides a safe and secure refuge for women and their children, as well as $1,250 each to two community organizations in Ignace: Blessings in a Backpack, which supplies elementary school children with nutritional food for the weekend during the school year; and École Immaculée-Conception, which provides a nutritional breakfast at the start of every school day for students from kindergarten to Grade 8. 

Since 2010, our Northwestern Ontario employees have contributed nearly $250,000 to community programs and organizations thanks to their exemplary safety performance. Across all Resolute operations during that time, the Board of Directors Safety Award program has contributed well over $2 million to worthy causes chosen by our employees.

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