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6 Reasons to be Proud of Canada’s Forest Products Industry

Canada’s forests produce things we all use, and provide livelihoods for hundreds of thousands of Canadians. But myths and misconceptions about our industry are common. We want to set the record straight and help Canadians feel as proud as we do of today’s vibrant, sustainable forest products sector.

Canadian forestry science and regulations are constantly evolving. Companies like Resolute operate according to strict regulations, sustainable management practices, and the best available science. We’re doing our part to ensure sustainability, promote transparency, and improve continuously.

Here are 6 reasons Canadians can take pride in today’s forest products industry:  

1. We ensure regeneration.

In Canada, 100% of harvested areas must be successfully regenerated – it’s the law. Today, natural regeneration is considered a best practice for ensuring biodiversity. Did you know that in Quebec, one of the two Canadian provinces in which Resolute operates, up to 80% of harvested areas regenerate naturally? Reforestation work like planting or seeding is done only when necessary, and we use indigenous species. After a harvest, foresters return regularly to the area to make sure regeneration is progressing well, and to perform corrective measures if needed.

As seen in these images, an abundance of natural regeneration often results in the necessity to perform a “spacing” operation when the young forest is between 10 and 15 years old.

The following images show the same area in 2005, 2013 and 2019, as regeneration has progressed.  

Click here to watch a video on what another area, Ontario’s English River Forest, looks like 30 years after a harvest.

2. We consult and collaborate. 

Working in today’s forest products sector means building respectful dialogue with First Nations communities. We respect the significance of Canada’s land, water and forests to its Aboriginal peoples, and understand that these resources are critical to the prosperity of their communities. Resolute has established mutually beneficial partnerships with some 40 First Nations communities. These partnerships are based on respect for treaties and traditional land rights and the shared value of increasing socio-economic prosperity and viability. 

Public participation is a critical part of the harvest planning process, and we encourage the involvement of Aboriginal peoples as well as local stakeholders. More information on harvest planning can be found on the websites of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and the Quebec Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks. Resolute conducts internal audits, called direction management reviews, to help identify, define and track issues related to Aboriginal affairs.

3. We harvest according to carefully laid out plans.

A very small portion of the boreal forest is available for harvest each year – less than half of a percent! In Quebec and Ontario, where Resolute operates, about 85% of never-harvested land, also known as primary forest, is off-limits to the forest products industry.

In Canada, harvesting is carried out according to the best available science and some of the strictest forest management standards in the world. Ecosystem-based management (EBM), which tends to reduce the gap between natural processes and active management, is the approach used in most provinces in the boreal.

All of our operations are preceded by extensive planning and surveying. We prepare or contribute to the development of 20- or 25-year forest management plans, which are based on the best available science and revised every five to ten years. This careful planning is necessary for dealing with varying forest characteristics, adhering to regulations, maintaining our certifications, accounting for a range of interests, and ensuring the long-term sustainability of forests.

For a closer look at how Resolute plans forestry operations, click here.

4. We follow stringent regulations.

The boreal forest is one of the world’s most carefully managed forests, and we comply with the stringent regulations that govern it. We pride ourselves on setting – and even surpassing – industry-leading environmental standards and developing sustainable forest management plans for the woodlands in our care. In the Quebec and Ontario woodlands where we operate, each provincial government has its own system for monitoring compliance with forestry and environmental laws and regulations. Government inspectors visit our sites to monitor compliance, observing everything from riparian buffer distances to road or water crossing structures.  

To learn more about Resolute’s compliance with forestry regulations, click here.

5. We’re certified.

Beyond its stringent regulations, Canada leads the world in sustainable forest management certification – about 10% of the world’s forests are certified, and close to 40% of that 10% is right here in Canada.

100% of the woodlands Resolute manages are certified to one or more internationally-recognized sustainable forest management standards. Our foresters are experts in sustainable forest management and deeply knowledgeable about the many detailed criteria involved in certification. Our sustainable forest management practices are verified by independent parties on a regular basis. The results of their verifications help our company further improve how we manage forests and monitor our fiber supply.

For more information on Resolute’s sustainable forest management certification, click here.

6. We’re innovating.

Today’s forest products industry relies on the best available science and technology to ensure the sustainability of our operations. Our industry has also strengthened its environmental record, increased its role in fighting climate change, and explored new ways to maximize efficiencies.

At Resolute, we have made significant investments in improving the environmental performance of our manufacturing processes, including the development of innovative products that optimize our use of fiber. We also know that reducing waste is a key part of operating sustainably, and we invest in cutting-edge technologies to get the most out of every tree we harvest.

To learn more about Resolute’s ambitious action on climate change, watch this video.

For information on our eco-efficient products, click here. In 2019, Canada’s boreal forest is thriving. Our sustainable practices will ensure it continues to thrive for the benefit of future generations.

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  • Une bonne affaire pour l’humanité.
    Je pense que cette façon de faire doit aussi nous inspiré ici à l’Est de la RDC ,où la déforestation fait rage au détriment de la biodiversité locale et de tout l’univers.
    Nos forêts ,habitat ,pharmacie, et supermarché naturels des pygmées communautés que nous encadrons ,mérite une protection durable


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