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Resolute’s 2018 CDP scores now available – High marks for forest disclosures

Transparency and accountability are key aspects of Resolute’s sustainability strategy, and our commitment to these values is reinforced by our voluntary participation in CDP’s climate change, water security and forests disclosure programs. Each year, Resolute provides detailed environmental data to CDP, a not-for-profit organization that encourages companies to measure, manage and reduce their environmental impacts. We are pleased to share our results for 2018.


Resolute received a score of “A-” for our forests disclosures to CDP, the highest score achieved in this category by any company in North America, placing us at the Leadership level. This score is reflective of our environmental best practices, and the actions we have taken to manage harvest risk and implement monitoring programs.

Resolute began reporting to CDP’s forests program in 2012, the year the program was launched.


We increased our climate change disclosure two positions to a “B”, placing us at the Management level for this category. This score indicates that we have taken steps not only to assess potential environmental risk to our business operations, but also implemented actions to manage those risks. CDP recognizes companies that have achieved the Management level as having taken actions to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Resolute has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 78.5% since the year 2000, our operations are 100% coal-free (on-site), and 74% of our energy needs come from renewable sources.

Resolute has reported our carbon footprint to CDP since 2006, beginning with scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions, and adding scope 3 (supply chain) emissions disclosures in 2015.


Resolute was awarded a “B-” Management level score for our water security disclosures. As in the climate change category, this score reflects the actions we have taken to evaluate and manage our potential environmental risks relating to our use of water. Given that our score decreased compared to 2017, we will take into account the program’s tightened guidelines as we pursue our commitment to managing water efficiently.

We began reporting to CDP’s water disclosure program in 2013.

Measuring, managing and disclosing environmental performance is an increasingly important part of standard business practice. By participating in CDP disclosure programs, Resolute offers increased transparency to our shareholders, customers and the public, in addition to identifying opportunities to increase operational efficiency and measuring our progress against industry benchmarks.

To view our CDP scores and learn more, visit the CDP website.

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