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Ponderay Mill Recognized for Commitment to Hiring Veterans

The Ponderay (Washington) newsprint mill has been recognized by the State of Washington for its commitment to hiring veterans of the U.S. military. The mill participates in YesVets, a national program dedicated to reintegrating veterans into the workforce after their time in the service. The program is managed at the state level by the Washington State Employment Security Department. On November 30, a representative from the state came to Ponderay to recognize the mill’s involvement in the program during a meeting with senior management and several veteran employees.

Currently, Ponderay counts 17 veterans as part of its workforce, and the human resources team hopes to recruit more once the mill’s many long-time employees take their well-deserved retirements. The mill has been invited to participate in job fairs geared towards veterans, and has established a relationship with the air force base located in Spokane , about 30 miles from the mill, to meet with qualified service members who are close to receiving their service discharge.

Many qualities typically embodied by military personnel translate well into the civilian workplace. For example, veterans tend to exhibit strong leadership qualities, keen problem-solving skills and a strong work ethic. Teamwork and camaraderie are important in both military and mill environments. And given their eligibility for benefits toward continuing their education, veterans often pursue advanced training, thereby increasing the level of knowledge and expertise they bring to the table. Veterans appreciate the competitive pay and benefits offered by the mill, as well as the variety of opportunities available and the rewarding company culture.

Ponderay Newsprint Company is a partnership between Resolute and three leading U.S. newspaper companies. Resolute holds a 40% interest in the joint venture and is the managing partner for mill operations, which currently employ 140 people in the area.

We applaud the team at Ponderay for their initiative in recruitment strategy!

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