Highlights from our 2017 Annual and Sustainability Report: Sustainable Forest Management

In this series of posts featuring highlights from our 2017 Annual and Sustainability Report, which provides both financial and sustainability information, we explore Resolute’s journey to become a stronger, more dynamic and more sustainable company, in order to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We strongly believe that trees can be carefully harvested, while maintaining biodiversity and protecting the forest and values important to a range of stakeholders. The regeneration of harvested woodlands is an essential component of sustainable forest management. Resolute relies on various forest management techniques and best practices, including regeneration surveys, site preparation, the planting of seedlings, and aerial and terrestrial seeding – all in combination with natural regeneration. Accordingly, our commitments extend well beyond strict compliance with applicable forestry regulations, which in Quebec and Ontario are already among the most – if not the most – rigorous in the world.

To learn more about our sustainable forest management practices, visit page 12 of our 2017 Annual and Sustainability Report.

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