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By Courtney Jackson
A career in the forest products industry offers as many rewards and opportunities as it does challenges. That’s what participants in Resolute’s Engineering Graduate Program and Forest Products Association of Canada’s (FPAC) Green Dream Internship Program are discovering on the job at Resolute.
We are pleased to share a series of blogposts written by the new interns on their work experience and adventures.

Hello to all my followers, and welcome back!

These last two weeks at work have flown by! I’ve been busy in the office and in the field. In the office, I’ve been filling in for one of the operational coordinators who works on the Black Spruce Forest. In his absence, I’ve been updating a monthly volume table for the Black Spruce Forest. This volume table records and displays the total volume of the wood that is harvested and delivered to the Thunder Bay sawmill. It is updated on a weekly basis. The information that is recorded includes: the contractor name, the total wood volume delivered to the sawmill and the species of the wood. This volume table is used to identify the supply and demand for the sawmill and to ensure the contractors are delivering the allotted wood from the Black Spruce Forest.

A map displaying the Black Spruce Forest, highlighted in orange and the Dog River-Matawin Forest, highlighted in light green.

If I haven’t already mentioned it in one of my previous blogs, I work in the Black Spruce Forest and the Dog River Matawin Forest this summer. As you can see in this photo, the Black Spruce Forest is located north-east of Thunder Bay and adjacent to Lake Nipigon. I remember the day I first saw this map and I was totally overwhelmed. I couldn’t believe that I would be working in both forests and expected to travel on my own in the upcoming months. But, now after completing three months working as a Woodlands Operations Intern, I am confident about venturing in the field to conduct field work! After a while, these two forests don’t seem that big at all!

One of the best things about an internship is the opportunity to gain work experience. This internship at Resolute has exposed me to numerous opportunities within the forest products industry. I have also learned so much about the Woodlands Operations in Thunder Bay, and I feel very equipped to conduct field work on my own. One thing that I value the most, being an intern, is the opportunity to work with individuals who are knowledgeable and experienced in their field of work. Gaining experience is crucial in this world. Everyone that I get to work with at Resolute is passionate, hard-working and wise. They are also patient and always willing to answer any of my questions. I’m grateful for this opportunity.

Speaking of opportunities, I am most excited to share another incredible work experience that I gained as an intern at Resolute! It was two weeks ago, on July 18, that two of my co-workers and I attended a celebration event hosted by Project Learning Tree Canada (PLT). It took place at the Centennial Botanical Conservatory in Thunder Bay. PLT Canada was hosting this event to celebrate the success of Green Jobs in Green Spaces within the Thunder Bay area.

Days before the celebration event, I received an email asking if I would like to introduce the Honourable Patricia Hajdu, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, to the celebration event. Without knowing what this would entail, I happily accepted. When I arrived at the event with my co-workers, I was quickly swept away by a woman who worked for PLT Canada. She handed me a piece of paper with some words on it. This was what I would read aloud. At that moment, I felt a bit nervous. I only had ten minutes to prepare my speech, and then it was show time.

A photo of me introducing myself as a student working a green job, in the forest products industry, and introducing the Honourable Patricia Hajdu, Minister of Education, Workforce Development and Labour.

I happily stood in front of the audience, alongside other invitees to the celebration event. I knew it wouldn’t be long until my name was called and then, there it was. The audience clapped as I approached the podium. I stood tall and proud and smiled at the audience. First, I thanked Minister Don Rusnak, Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay – Rainy River for introducing me. Then I spoke a little about myself and how excited I am to be a student working a green job this summer. Following my speech, I introduced the Honourable Patricia Hajdu, and my time to shine was complete. What an incredible feeling; I felt proud that I could speak aloud in front of an audience. I’ve always admired public speakers, so this opportunity was another highlight and accomplishment in my life.

The group who spoke at the celebration event for Green Jobs in Green Spaces within the Thunder Bay area.

Following the speeches, photos were taken of those that spoke at the celebration event and interviews were being conducted. To my surprise, I was approached by a cameraman who asked if I would like to be interviewed. I quickly replied with a “sure!” and then suddenly, I had a camera in my face and four microphones at my mouth.

A photo of me being interviewed at the celebration event.

To this date, this was one of the most exciting moments in my life. Not only did I prove something to myself, but I was able to express my passion to the world. My interview was broadcast on the Thunder Bay news, radio and I even made the headlines in the Thunder Bay Chronical Journal. This has been one of the most amazing summer jobs I’ve ever had and I’m so fortunate for all the opportunities that continue coming my way!

Thank you for reading my latest green dream blog.


– Court

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