Resolute Employee Wins OPG Health and Safety Award

Resolute’s own Scott Manford has won the Ontario Power Generation Health and Safety Award, presented during the Atikokan Chamber of Commerce Business Awards ceremony last week.

Scott has served as the Health and Safety superintendent at our Atikokan (Ontario) sawmill since its construction four years ago. He is also responsible for recruiting new workers, overseeing their training to ensure their safety on the job. He expresses pride in the sawmill’s safety culture, which is shaped by Resolute’s company-wide ultimate goal of zero workplace incidents, zero injuries. ”One of the challenges with a start-up like Atikokan is that there are a number of less experienced employees who don’t necessarily have a background in manufacturing,” says Scott. ”My role at Resolute involves helping these new employees understand and excel at health and safety.”

We commend Scott for his achievement and the strong leadership he has demonstrated!

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