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Presenting Resolute’s 2017 Annual and Sustainability Report

Our 2017 Annual and Sustainability Report is now available!

Resolute reports on business and sustainability results together – an approach that reinforces our vision that profitability and sustainability drive our future.

The 2017 Annual and Sustainability Report features three principal components:

  • The Economic section outlines our corporate business strategy, which is focused on transforming Resolute into a more sustainable organization, one that can generate consistent value for shareholders through a competitive portfolio of manufacturing assets and a solid presence in long-term growth markets. These elements are closely linked with our sustainability strategy, which is based on a balanced approach to environmental, social and economic performance. Our sustainability strategy is designed to enhance our competitive position by focusing on four key avenues:
  1. Improving resource efficiency, which helps control fiber, fuel and power costs;
  2. Moving beyond regulatory compliance and environmental incident management to differentiate the company as an environmental supplier of choice;
  3. Positioning Resolute as a competitive employer; and
  4. Building solid relation in our operating communities.
  • The Environmental section includes updates on our sustainability performance, such as a 40% reduction in recorded environmental incidents over 2016. Other highlights from 2017 include our major initiative to improve efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at our Thunder Bay (Ontario) pulp and paper mill, as well as a partnership to establish a bio-refinery pilot project to develop new ways to produce and commercialize bio-chemicals derived from wood.
  • The Social section provides insight into our continuous efforts to be a better employer, a stronger business partner, and even more deeply engaged in the communities in which we live and work. Highlights of this section include the launch of our new tracking system to better report on our stakeholder engagement activities, charitable contributions and volunteer work, as well as our newly-created customer service and supplier management programs. We also share updates on safety performance and workforce recruitment. For instance, as part of our targeted recruitment efforts last year, we partnered with numerous academic institutions to provide training and employment opportunities, especially for Aboriginal students, and we also raised the profile of our engineering graduate program.

We invite you to learn more about Resolute’s annual performance and results in our  2017 Annual and Sustainability Report!

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