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Cost-conscious consumers drive retail trends

Store brands continue to grow and Resolute Tissue is growing with them, through its private-label portfolio.

Budget-minded consumers are weighing a variety of factors for each purchasing decision they make – and for a significant portion of them, value is often what drives their shopping decisions. Retail brands that can showcase the value of their products to lower-income or merely budget-focused consumers will gain traction in 2018. According to consumer marketing experts, other retailing trends to watch for this year include:

  • The importance of store brands will continue to grow.
  • Companies need to take a stand, speak out and prove that they’re trustworthy as consumers reprioritize who and what they believe in.
  • Greater opportunities will exist for brands to align their efforts with value and to prioritize bargain-hunting consumers.
  • With widespread turmoil and unfavorable news at their fingertips, consumers will focus on self-care as they seek to better themselves in the year ahead.
  • While humans have been using speech and images to communicate for thousands of years, technology will finally catch up through voice- and visual-based devices and software.

In the year ahead, brands will need to court consumers with value, innovation, transparency, honesty and facts.

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