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Shoppers like store brands but trust is key

Store brands continue to grow and Resolute Tissue is growing with them, through its private-label portfolio.

New retail research shows that store brands are becoming increasingly more important to shoppers. However, they are choosy about which brands they trust.

According to a poll by U.S. retail service provider Acosta, an increasing percentage of shoppers are choosing which stores to shop at based on how much they like the retailer’s store brands. In fact, 53% of shoppers said they shop retailers based on their private label, an increase from 34% when Acosta asked the same question in 2011.

And while consumer interest in store brands is growing, they are putting their dollars where their trust remains intact.

According to Mintel’s Trends Manager for North America Carli Gernot, “In the year ahead, brands will need to court consumers with transparency, honesty and facts; at the same time, they will need to find new ways to prove their positions.” She adds, “Product innovation that meets the changing needs of apprehensive consumers can build or redeem trust, including adding more information to packaging or incorporating livestreams of production methods.”

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