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BIG win for Resolute’s innovative chemical protective suits

Resolute’s chemical protective suits – designed, in part, by employees at our Kénogami (Quebec) and Calhoun (Tennessee) mills – have won a global innovation award.

The 2018 BIG Innovation Awards were announced on February 7 to honor organizations, products and people that are bringing new ideas to life.

Resolute’s chemical protective suit, now being adopted by others in the industry, provides greater protection against both heat and chemicals, while its comfort and breathability – in addition to reducing worker fatigue – provide a dramatically higher-quality work environment. The new suit can be used for at least a year, which has substantially reduced our waste and ecological footprint, along with our equipment expenditures.

For more details about the safety aspects of Resolute’s innovative chemical protective suits visit the safety section of The Resolute Blog.

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