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How Resolute’s integrated tissue business benefits its customers

In this series of posts featuring highlights from our 2016 Annual Report, which provides both financial and sustainability information, we explore how Resolute brings principled leadership to every aspect of our business, in order to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Resolute is building one of the most integrated and competitive tissue businesses in North America.

Why are integrated operations so important to our business and our customers?  The benefits are many.  Our tissue products are manufactured from 100% recycled pulp or from virgin fiber (less than 3% sourced externally) from Resolute’s internal pulp network. This allows us to control the entire production process – from material input to final product – ensuring precise control, cost-competitiveness and consistent quality, while offering the flexibility and customization our customers demand.

Our newly built state-of-the-art tissue facility in Calhoun (Tennessee) is helping us exceed customer expectations.  Once ramp-up is complete by mid-2018, Calhoun will be one of the most efficient tissue operations in North America.  Since its start-up in the first quarter of 2017, it is building the capacity to manufacture 66,000 short tons (60,000 metric tons) annually of premium private-label tissue, including bath and towel, aimed at the growing at-home market.

For more information about our tissue business and other interesting facts about Resolute, check out our 2016 Annual Report.

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