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Canada’s sustainable forestry practices world’s best

In this series of posts featuring highlights from our 2016 Annual Report, which provides both financial and sustainability information, we explore how Resolute brings principled leadership to every aspect of our business, in order to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Global buyers of forest products consistently place Canadian suppliers at the top of the list for our sustainable forestry practices – citing our environmental and forest management programs, as well as the quality, abundance and availability of our products [2015 Leger Customer Market Acceptance Research].

Environmentally responsible procurement is also top of mind for Resolute’s customers and increasingly influences their purchasing decisions. We strive to improve our forest manage­ment and wood fiber procurement prac­tices, and we encourage our wood and fiber suppliers to do the same.

Dedicated to our customers and our products

We strongly believe that it is possible to carefully harvest trees while maintaining biodiversity, and protecting the forest and values important to a range of stakeholders. In addition to maintaining 100% certification and being one of the largest holders of Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) and Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) forest management certificates in North America – we also maintain ISO 14001-certified environ­mental management systems at most of our pulp and paper mills, wood products facilities and Canadian wood­lands operations.  Together, these actions help promote the conservation and sustainable use of forests and other natural resources.

For more information about our sustainable forestry practices and other interesting facts about Resolute, check out our 2016 Annual Report.

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