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Ontario’s Greenleaf Challenge

The Ontario Government and Forests Ontario invited community members, corporations, schools and other organizations to celebrate Ontario’s 150th birthday by taking part in the Green Leaf Challenge, which has a goal of planting 3 million trees across the province.

Resolute rose to the challenge by planting 15,000 black spruce seedlings on private property adjacent to our Thunder Bay (Ontario) pulp and paper mill. This land was formerly occupied by a race track and now serves as a buffer between our facility and neighboring residential areas. While the property was starting to regenerate naturally following the race track’s closure, the addition of these seedlings will help to reestablish a forest on the property more quickly.


As of July 4, 2017 our contribution of 15,000 seedlings put us on the leader board, under the large organization category.

In addition to supporting urban forests, we believe that regeneration of harvested woodlands is an essential component of sustainable forest management. In 2017, Resolute supported forest regeneration in Ontario by planting nearly 12 million tree seedlings in our sustainable forest license areas, as part of our commitment to 100% regeneration of harvested areas.




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