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How forests help mitigate climate change

The 26th edition of The State of Canada’s Forests: Annual Report 2016 provides a national snapshot of Canada’s forests and forest industry.  With a focus on sustainable forest management, the report describes Canada’s rich forest resources and our success in managing them sustainably.

Our forests, forest products and forest management practices all play a role in mitigating climate change. Here are four ways forests can be part of Canada’s climate change solution:

  • Planting or seeding new forests on lands not currently classified as forest in order to increase forest area
  • Using sustainable forest management practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase carbon storage, such as speeding up reforestation after natural disturbances
  • Using more wood from sustainably managed forests in non-traditional construction applications
  • Using more wood waste for energy and other bio-products to replace fossil fuels

For more information on how Canada manages its forests and uses harvested wood to help meet our climate change commitments, download this Annual Report 2016 infographic.

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