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New alliance protects forestry “way of life” in northern communities

On March 1st, a group of mayors from northern Ontario and Quebec signed a historic Boreal Forest Alliance Agreement in support of forestry activities and way of life in northern communities.

“The alliance will use lobbying strategies to draw attention to the importance of forest products industries in rural communities, and to provide information to correct statements from those who seek to tarnish Canada’s world-class sustainable forest management practices,” said Peter Politis, mayor of Cochrane.

In an interview with Wood Business, Politis said, “It’s law in this country to harvest sustainably; you can’t harvest anything unless you do so sustainably. Less than one percent of the forest in Ontario is actually harvested every year, and only 40 percent is even eligible.”
He added that Northern Canadians, regardless of the province or territory, have similar ways of life and the alliance seeks to protect that way of life. Ideally, he said, the alliance will spread across all provinces and territories and involve all northern municipalities and Indigenous communities.

To learn more about the alliance check out the full article from Wood Business here.

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