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Forests key to Canada’s climate change solutions

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has released its latest snapshot of Canada’s forests and forest products industry – The State of Canada’s Forests: Annual Report 2016.

The report explores the theme of climate change and its impacts on forest fires, bugs and disease; how the forest products sector and communities are adapting through sustainable management practices and innovative uses of wood and wood products; and how forests can be part of Canada’s climate change solution.

In launching this year’s report, Jim Carr, the minister of NRCan, states emphatically: “Our forests have always presented Canada with enormous potential, and this will continue to be the case as we face a changing climate. Indeed, there can be no solution to climate change that does not include Canada’s forests and forest sector.”

Minister Carr highlights the use of wood waste for energy and wood in the construction of tall buildings as examples of how the forest sector is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

To learn more about how forests will continue to be a source of economic growth and one of the solutions to climate change, check out the 26th edition of The State of Canada’s Forests report.

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