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Forest industry testing benefits of driverless vehicles

Google, Tesla and Uber are garnering extensive media coverage these days for their testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads.  Cars of the future, these vehicles use technologies to run without drivers and could be dominating our streets as early as 2030.

The forest products industry is also testing the benefits of such vehicles – from the mill yard to deep within the forest. The goal is to use these vehicles to perform repetitive tasks.

FPInnovations – which conducts research to support the Canadian forest sector’s global competitiveness – is currently testing various applications of this technology. In the mill yard, possible uses include optimizing transportation logistics, eliminating duplicate equipment, reducing labor costs, and increasing worker safety.  A prototype for the mill yard is expected to be available within two to three years, and wider applications could follow.

For more information on the uses of autonomous vehicles in the forest products industry, check out the latest updates on this project from FPInnovations here.

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