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Environmental Leader Award goes to Resolute for Toundra Greenhouse joint venture

The Toundra Greenhouse is capturing headlines, awards and the imagination of many business and sustainability experts for its innovative community, environmental and energy benefits.

At the 2017 Environmental Leader Conference, held June 5-7 in Denver (Colorado), Resolute received an Environmental Leader of the Year Award for jointly developing Toundra Greenhouse.

The Environmental Leader Product and Project Awards is a program recognizing excellence in products/services and projects that provide companies with environmental, sustainability and energy management benefits; winners are awarded Top Product or Top Project of the Year based on scores from a panel of distinguished judges with in the trenches experience in environmental management.

These judges were especially impressed with the innovative nature of the Toundra Greenhouse business model as well as its environmental and social benefits. Here are some examples of their comments:

  • This project is definitely innovative and aligns with many who are considering co-generation/co-location as a potential technology solution going forward.


  • Some unique features in building the greenhouse to maximize sustainability features. 


  • The multifaceted benefits of this project are extremely impressive…Their carbon capture technology has enabled them to significantly reduce the CO2 emitted from a very energy intensive operation. They have created jobs for the region and are working towards making the area ‘self-sustainable’ and independent for vegetables. This is a fantastic project and great work by the company. Their commitment to sustainability is exhibited in many ways.


Toundra Greenhouse, located in Quebec’s Lac-Saint-Jean region, is a state-of-the-art cucumber-growing complex in which Resolute owns a 49% joint-venture interest.

For more information on Toundra Greenhouse, check our blogpost Mission Accomplished for Toundra Greenhouse or view the video by clicking here.

Past Environmental Leader award winners include 3M, Hilton Worldwide, Arby’s, General Motors and MillerCoors.

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