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How best to communicate with consumers?

When we talk about improving our communication skills we usually focus on face-to-face conversations – looking people in the eye when talking to them, asking good questions and being an empathetic listener.

In business, we know that communicating effectively with employees means respectfully sharing and receiving information that helps individuals contribute more fully and participate more skillfully in the workplace.

But what is the best way for a business to communicate with shoppers? Do consumers still prefer traditional print flyers or have they moved on to digital advertising and online flyers?

According to a study commissioned by Metroland Media, 97% of people surveyed said they still rely on flyers to make purchasing decisions. And many of them – 86% – take the time to read flyers on a weekly basis.

A key research tool: The survey found that print flyers remained a top source for identifying sales and finding new products. Consumers looked to print flyer advertising more than store websites to research product information (3.3 times more); when comparing price and value (twice as much); while researching the range of products available (1.6 times more) and when researching which store carries a product (1.6 times more).

Flyers drive store visits: 71% of consumers surveyed say they are more likely to visit a retailer that sends them flyers. Additionally, 72% say that flyers impact their purchase decisions, and more than half say that flyers are a valuable part of their life.

To learn more about the Metroland Media study, click here.


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