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The truth about print and paper

Myths vs Facts

There are so many claims and falsehoods swirling around the blogosphere about the need to “save trees” that a false impression has been created about our forests being destroyed.  The truth is that in North America, we grow many more trees than we harvest, thanks to sustainable forestry practices which constantly replenish this renewable resource.

What other print and paper myths need to be busted?

  • Everyone prefers to receive electronic communications. Wrong! When given a choice, 81% of Two Sides survey respondents indicate they prefer to read print on paper, compared to 39% and less for screens.
  • Printed communications are a nuisance to handle. Not true. In fact, 74% of people say print documents are easier to read, better for storing and archiving (56%), and more secure (55%).
  • Most businesses have stopped sending paper bills. Think again.  64% of survey respondents said they wouldn’t do business with a company that didn’t offer a paper bill option. And since 2008, over 165 companies in North America have gotten the message and dropped some variation of the tagline “Go paperless, go green and save trees” from their customer communications.
  • The print-paper industry is a sunset industry.Not so,” says Two Sides North America. According to its calculations, the print, paper and mail value chain supports 8 million jobs and generates US$1.4 trillion in annual revenues.

Want to learn more about why print and paper are an attractive, practical and sustainable communications medium? Head over to YouTube to check out Two Sides myth-busting video.

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