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Resolute’s 2016 Annual Report

Resolute’s 2016 Annual Report Now Available

Principled Leadership, the theme of our 2016 Annual Report, reflects how Resolute brings principled leadership to every aspect of our operations, including the way we conduct business, manage the precious resources in our care and engage with our many stakeholders.

The report features a 16-page business section Dedicated to Our Customers and Our Products that outlines our business transformation strategy and our efforts to maximize value generation from paper, grow in pulp and wood products, and integrate our pulp into value-added, premium-quality tissue.

As in previous years, we continued to emphasize our sustainability practices and disclosures. The environmental section, Proactive for the Planet, details our environmental performance and highlights our carbon reduction leadership through our participation in the Forest Products Association of Canada’s “30 by 30” Climate Change Challenge and as an inaugural Canadian member of the global Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition.

The social section of the report, Committed to our People and Communities, recognizes Resolute’s world-class safety performance and progress toward an injury-free workplace. In 2016, some 20 of our operations reached important milestones ranging from 250,000 to 1,000,000 hours without a recordable injury.

To learn more about Resolute’s principled leadership on a broad range of topics and issues, read the online version of our 2016 Annual Report.

Please note that theSustainability” section of our corporate website will be fully updated later this spring with information compliant to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

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