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United Nations says forests are key to low-carbon future

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The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) held in Paris recognized the urgency of global action to respond to the challenges of climate change. COP21 also highlighted how the impact of increased global temperatures will affect all regions and countries on Earth, but the hardest hit will be those already living in poverty and food insecurity.

That is why a United Nations-Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) report on “Forestry for a low-carbon future” is grabbing headlines for its insights on the benefits of integrating forests and wood products – like paper – into global climate change strategies.

According to René Castro-Salaza, assistant director-general FAO forestry department,Forests are at the heart of the transition to low-carbon economies. Forests and forest products play a key role in mitigation and adaptation, not only because of their double role as sink and source of emissions, but also through the potential for wider use of wood products to displace more fossil fuel intense products.”

In the report’s introduction, Castro-Salaza highlights that, “a virtuous cycle can be enacted in which forests increase removals of carbon from the atmosphere, while sustainable forest management and forest products contribute to enhanced livelihoods and a lower carbon footprint.”

For further insights on how sustainable forestry practices can help achieve our global climate change objectives, download FAO’s Forestry for a low carbon future report here.

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