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America’s forest lands support 2.8 million jobs and $102 billion in payroll

A recent report by The National Alliance of Forest Owners (NAFO) on “The Economic Impact of Privately-Owned Forests in the United States” states that public and private timberlands in the U.S. are responsible for employing 2.8 million people, who received salaries in the amount of $102 billion.

Additionally, annual sales were $262 billion (in 2010), which in turn contributed $119 billion to the gross domestic product (GDP).  In the manufacturing sectors alone (wood, paper products and furniture), more than $97 billion of value was created, which represents 6.68% of the total manufacturing base in 32 forested states.

While private timberland makes up 73% of the timberland base in these 32 states, it is responsible for more than 85% of the economic contribution.

That means most U.S.-made paper comes from private working forests that support 2.4 million jobs and $99 billion in payroll – with total annual sales of $223 billion and an $83 billion contribution to manufacturing, or 5.71% of the manufacturing base of these 32 states.

To see a full breakdown of the value both public and private forests provide to the U.S. economy, click here.

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