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10 fun things students can learn about forestry and the environment


A new teacher resource tool is making it easy and fun to learn more about forestry and the environment.

The new tool includes materials about sustainable forest management, wetlands, papermaking, recycling and climate change in the form of teacher’s tours and workshops about sustainable forestry, lesson plans, slide decks, outdoor activities, contests, interactive games and videos.

What can students – from kindergarten up to grade 12 in both Canada and the U.S. – learn about forestry and the natural world around them?  Some interesting topics include:

  • The secret life of trees
  • What can soil teach us
  • How camouflage works
  • Plants and animals of the boreal forest
  • How to make paper
  • Anatomy of a modern paper mill
  • How to design cardboard packaging
  • How sustainable forest management is impacting climate change
  • How to become a pulp and paper chemist
  • How to become a forest expert


The resource materials are made available from institutions as varied as Ontario’s Lakehead University, Boy Scouts of America, the U.S. Forest Service and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®).  To download the teacher resource tool click here.

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