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Who is buying Canada’s forest products? Nearly everyone!

Canada's forest products

Thanks to Canada’s reputation as a reliable, responsible supplier of high-quality and sustainable forest products, Canadian companies export our forest products to nearly every nation on the planet.  Resolute alone exports to about 80 countries.

According to the federal government’s newly released State of Canada’s Forests report, that means over 180 different countries in the world want Canada to supply their wood, pulp, paper and other forest products. Some forest products are then used directly by consumers, while others are raw materials that local manufacturers can turn into lumber for construction, wood pellets for heating, and paper for newsprint, packaging and sanitary papers.

Who are Canada’s top forest product trading partners?

  1. United States ($20.3 billion): Significantly softwood lumber as well as a range of paper and pulp products;
  2. China ($4.8 billion): The #1 destination for Canadian pulp products;
  3. Japan ($1.5 billion): Primarily softwood lumber to build earthquake-resistant buildings;
  4. South Korea ($498 million): Mainly chemical and semi-chemical pulps to make paper and packaging material;
  5. India ($455 million): Pulp mainly to manufacture newsprint;
  6. Indonesia ($452 million): Primarily chemical wood pulp to make paper and sanitary paper products;
  7. United Kingdom ($366 million): Largely wood pellets for heating fuel and electricity production;
  8. Taiwan ($268 million): Mainly wood and wood pulp products;
  9. Brazil ($197 million): Primarily paper products, especially newsprint;
  10. Mexico ($169 million): Largely kraft paper, paperboard and chemical wood pulp for use in packaging.


Click here to download the infographic (PDF) that illustrates the high demand of Canada’s forest products.

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