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Resolute to Host a Pilot Plant for the Commercialization of Bio-Chemicals

Resolute to Host a Pilot Plant for the Commercialization of Bio-Chemicals

Resolute is partnering once again with FPInnovations, a world-leading R&D organization, to develop new, eco-friendly products that have the potential to create renewable, biodegradable and cost-effective alternatives to petroleum-based products for use in the construction, automotive, mining, oil and other sectors.

We will contribute C$3.5 million to this innovative project, which is supported by the Province of Ontario, and host the pilot plant at our Thunder Bay pulp and paper facility. The three-year research program will help demonstrate the feasibility of the process and optimize potential market applications for bio-chemicals derived from wood – critical to the commercial success of the project. The new pilot project will create jobs and help grow the Northern Ontario economy.

For more information on this innovative project, read the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines news release: Ontario Supporting Forestry Innovation.

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  • Some points to remember on your announcement.

    1. If you’re doing this once again it means you’ve done this before.
    2. If you’re contributing 3.5 million bucks it means you have lots of money.
    3. The Ontario Government is in on this so where do you get your dough from? Let me venture a guess, Governments?
    4. Is this a waste of time, and money. Do you really think it’s possible to make alternatives too petroleum based products such as oil, natural gas, diesel, fossil fuels in general at a fraction of the cost? Will you and me stop driving cars and trucks? Are you kidding? You’re not able to justify any money for this project. I don’t want it to be mine. You should not be givin any funding whatsoever. If you want to support anything in this project, use your own money. Feel free to broadcast my email.


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