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Resolute is among the leaders in financial and sustainability reporting

Resolute is committed to walk the talk and take charge of our future. We clearly articulate our plans and measure our results against our stated goals.

Because Resolute’s business and sustainability strategies are interdependent, we have been combining our financial and sustainability results in our annual report since 2012. In 2015, we adopted the Global Reporting Initiative’s new G4 reporting framework. We are among the first globally in our industry to report under this gold standard, reinforcing our position as a sustainability leader.

We have also enhanced our reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) — a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preventing climate change and protecting the world’s natural resources by enhancing disclosure of environmental information. In addition to reporting scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions to the CDP, Resolute is now reporting scope 3 emissions for all relevant categories. Furthermore, we also voluntarily report both our water and forestry stewardship activities to the CDP’s Water Disclosure and Forest Disclosure programs in order to improve our understanding of Resolute’s environmental impact.

Moving forwards, we will continue to enhance our reporting disclosures because we believe this is the best way to measure our impact and an important means for improving performance, reinforcing our environmental credentials, and creating long-term value for our shareholders.

Check out Resolute’s combined 2015 Annual Report for more information on our sustainability performance and other interesting #RFPfacts.

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