“The Case Against Greenpeace”

We’re sharing with you the following extended excerpts of another Editorial from the Wall Street Journal, which ran over this past weekend.

The Case Against Greenpeace

By the Editorial Board of The Wall Street Journal

The pressure on businesses to fold in the face of environmental scare campaigns can be enormous. But in federal court in Georgia, Canada’s Resolute Forest Products is suing Greenpeace for defamation, racketeering, conspiracy and other alleged offenses. …

Resolute’s complaint is a civil case under the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) law, meaning if successful it could result in treble damages. …

In its filing Resolute says Greenpeace “has published staged photos and video falsely purporting to show Resolute logging in prohibited areas and others purporting to show forest areas impacted by Resolute harvesting when the areas depicted were actually impacted by fire or other natural causes.” The First Amendment was not created to protect the fabrication of evidence. …

We asked Greenpeace if its employees or agents had defrauded, extorted or impersonated anyone. The environmental outfit provided us with a statement from Greenpeace USA Executive Director Annie Leonard. Ms. Leonard says that Resolute is “wasting resources on a case with no merit. As it has done before, the company has filed a lawsuit in an attempt to silence critics with legitimate concerns about its environmental practices. … That’s not a denial of the suit’s details, so it will be fascinating to track the witnesses in discovery and under oath if this case goes to trial.

After Greenpeace’s long history of distortions on environmental issues, we may find out if it has any credibility left to attack.


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  • Poor poor multinational corporation literally destroying the planet for a slightly higher quarterly dividend for super wearthy shareholders.

    Way to sue those horrible citizens using their US Constitution & First Amendment to make a better planet for their kids & their kids!

  • This ridiculous case has prompted me to become a monthly donor to Greenpeace. I hope they beat you in court and you’re force to change your destructive ways.


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