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Take a peek at the car of the future – made from wood

Can you imagine commuting to work or travelling to see friends in a flying car? Someday you might – and your flying car might just be made from wood.

With cutting-edge forest-derived compounds emerging all the time, there is a real possibility that wood products will be the material of choice when flying cars hit the market.

The State of Canada’s Forests report notes that Canada has become a leader in researching innovations from wood. That research has revealed many applications for substances derived from wood – including uses in car manufacturing.

Cutting-edge car parts and applications

High performance, cost effective exterior: Lignin-based carbon fibre has a 50% lower finished cost than current materials.  Cellulose nanocrystals reinforce paints and coatings for improved scratch resistance.

Lightweight and durable interior: Wood fibre mats mould into products like dashboards and door panels that are 40% lighter than current materials.  Cellulose nanocrystals or lignin-based bioplastics produce strong yet lightweight interior components like door handles and instrument panels.

Greener tires: Lignin replaces petroleum-derived carbon black for lighter tires, improving fuel efficiency.

Advanced technology: Paper-thin and flexible electronic displays and abrasion-resistant transparencies are made from cellulose nanocrystals.

Fueled by trees: Sustainable biomethanol made from wood fibers powers your car.

Click here to take a peek at the car of the future.

Car made of wood

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