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Reputation of Canada’s forest products remains best in the world

Reputation of Canada's forest products remains best in the world

As a supplier of forest products, Canada has the best reputation in terms of environmental practices and reputation.

That is a key finding of a perception study conducted by Leger-The Research Intelligence Group in late 2015, which asked international buyers of wood, pulp and paper in the United States, Europe and Asia about their perceptions of forest products and environmental issues.

The results of the survey – the Leger Study on Perceptions of Canadian Forest Products – were released March 21st and confirm that Canada remains the top forest products supplier as a result of  our environmental practices and reputation for forest management. The results are reflective of a similar survey done by Leger two years ago.

What drives the purchasing decisions of the 185 executives from nine countries that were interviewed by Leger?

  • While the use of forest products remains generally stable since 2014, 61% of companies now believe that the use of forest products from a sustainably managed source should be encouraged.
  • The key drivers in forest product purchasing decisions remain price, product quality and availability; however, environmental considerations are growing in importance with European companies paying particular attention to legally sourced forest products, overall forest management reputation, and supplier relationships. Europeans are also more likely to look for eco-label certification.
  • Forest management reputation is important to most companies: The great majority of companies say they are committed (77%) to forest management reputation when it comes to sourcing forest products.
  • Legality of source is now considered crucial: The assurance of legality and the suppliers’ sustainability performance, as well as waste reduction, are the most important factors in making purchasing decisions. The most important environmental issues are: products legally sourced, regeneration and replanting, air and water pollution and endangered forest conservation.
  • Environmental practices and reputation: Canada remains first: While there are many new competitors emerging in the industry, Canada still has the best reputation in terms of environmental practices and reputation.
  • Canadian forest products stand out because of their quality, sustainability, abundance and availability: 78% of respondents have a positive impression of how Canadian forests are managed and positively evaluate Canada’s legality assurances and forest management practices. Of the companies surveyed, 73% say that Canada’s forest management reputation is a competitive advantage for Canada.
  • Product certification has become more important; 73% say forest certifications are important when it comes to choosing forest products.


Leger-The Research Intelligence Group was commissioned by the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC), in partnership with the Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) and Natural Resources Canada to conduct this survey.  Read the executive summary of the survey findings here and visit the FPAC website for all the news and survey details on why Canadian forest products continue to have the best reputation in the world.

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