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How does specialty paper get used?

Specialty paper

Specialty paper is an industry term for the different types of papers made for commercial printing that are not newsprint. So if you think of books, magazines, flyers, catalogs, direct mail, inserts, even maps, each has to be printed on different types of papers, some coated to make them shiny, and some uncoated.

There are a few thousand different paper types in this category and each has specific properties that can make them great for particular purposes. Our specialty papers are divided into two groups: uncoated mechanical and coated mechanical – where ‘mechanical’ refers to the type of pulping process used to make it. The uncoated market is the larger of the two in North America.

We sell specialty papers to major commercial printers, direct mailers, publishers, catalogers and retailers – and most of it is sold in North America. Last year, we made 1.1 million metric tons of uncoated mechanical paper, which makes us the third largest producer in the world, and the largest in North America. For coated mechanical papers, we made 435,000 metric tons of it, which means we’re North America’s third largest producer.

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