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What kind of innovative businesses is Resolute involved in?


We have some pretty interesting ventures that you might not know about, from cucumbers to cars and more:

CUCUMBERS: We teamed up with investors in the Lac-Saint-Jean region of Quebec to build Les Serres Toundra, a 35-hectare greenhouse complex on land adjacent to our Saint-Félicien pulp mill.

It will be the largest greenhouse complex in Quebec and it is expected to create 400 jobs in the region once fully operational. But by next year, Quebec consumers will be able to buy locally-grown, pesticide-free cucumbers at a good price from grocery chain Sobey’s all year round.

This isn’t Resolute’s only foray into farming, as many of our operations transform Pulp and Paper Waste into Food by making a high quality fertilizer from operation waste that is used at nearby farms.

CARS: We launched a biomaterial research and development joint venture with Mercer International. Called Performance BioFilaments, it is focused on developing commercial applications for cellulose filaments, that is, the biomaterial made from wood fiber.

The unique attributes of cellulose filaments are continually being examined for applications in industries ranging from automotive and manufacturing, to construction and consumer products. And these applications are wide raging: from lighter-weight, more fuel efficient vehicles to more resilient coatings and advanced filtration systems.

Check out Resolute’s combined 2014 Annual Report for more information on our innovative business ventures and other interesting #RFPfacts.

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