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From responsible fiber sourcing to eco-friendly choice: where does sustainable wood come from?

Resolute Sustainable Supply Chain - slideshare

When Resolute customers buy pulp, paper and lumber from us, they know they are buying from a sustainable supply chain. But sometimes they need to tell our story to their own customers. That’s why we posted a new SlideShare called The Sustainable Supply Chain. It tells our sustainability story in 14 simple slides, from the importance of asking where wood comes from to what responsible sourcing is and how chain of custody works.

The forest products industry has come a long way from the logging practices of the 1960s and 70s. The work we do today all starts with responsible sourcing. That means 100% of the woodlands Resolute manages meet internationally-recognized standards for responsible forestry.

That’s where it starts, but chain of custody is where it continues. Having an unbroken trail of records that track the harvested trees from forest to forest product provides assurance that 100% of the wood purchased meets a minimum due diligence. Sure that might sound a little dry, but here’s what it actually helps prevent:

  • Illegal logging
  • Human rights violations
  • Disregard for First Nations rights
  • Threats to anything of high conservation value
  • The use of genetically modified organisms
  • And the conversion of forests to non-forest uses or plantations.

In addition to harvesting trees responsibly, we support prompt reforestation of the harvested areas. That’s a key practice of woodland sustainability. Our sustainable supply chain means we can confidently offer high-quality, environmentally conscious choices, and so do our customers.

Resolute Forest Products – The Sustainable Supply Chain 


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  • Commendable effort by companies like yours and making this information publicly available, goes a long way in establishing trust and confidence in the concept of sustainable forestry. We have been helping companies get certified and source and sell FSC & PEFC certified products as well.

    In case you are looking for any help, do not hesitate to contact us https://forestecocertification.com/contact-us/


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