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Resolute Response to Greenpeace – “Share Your Voice Campaign”

We read with interest comments from Richard Brooks of Greenpeace, following the launch of the “Share Your Voice” campaign, which are entirely inconsistent with what he and Greenpeace have been saying and doing for the past two years.

Specifically, Richard Brooks raised the prospect of mediation and also the engagement of stakeholders.

As you know, Resolute has been consistent on the need for inclusive discussions, negotiations, and compromise solutions, developed in collaboration with governments, communities, workers and First Nations that lead to the most sustainable outcomes.

Mediation between Resolute and Greenpeace to resolve the current legal case before the Ontario courts sounds like a laudable idea, but it is difficult to reconcile with reality, considering Greenpeace continues its inaccurate and deceptive allegations about the Company, and continues to attack Resolute’s customers, spreading false and defamatory information. That is hardly a sign of good faith and is an unfortunately insurmountable barrier to any constructive dialogue.

Perhaps Mr. Brooks’ discussion of mediation and change of heart on a truly inclusive engagement of stakeholders is a reflection of Greenpeace’s concerns going into the discovery phase of the ongoing legal case before the Ontario courts, as well as the strong and critical response that Greenpeace is hearing from the people who live and work in the boreal.

In addition to defaming Resolute’s character and interfering with our commercial operations, Greenpeace’s actions continue to threaten the livelihoods of our employees and the socio-economic well-being of northern communities and our First Nations partners.

With the launch of the “Share Your Voice” campaign, Greenpeace is now hearing from the people who live and work in the boreal; the people that call the boreal their home. They are not second-class citizens in determining their own future. They are THE parties with legitimacy and standing, and THEY are demanding that their voices are heard. It has been made abundantly clear that Greenpeace and like-minded activists do not represent communities, do not represent workers, do not represent the vast majority of First Nations and do not represent governments.

The launch of the “Share Your Voice” campaign follows the strong condemnation of Greenpeace and like-minded activists from mayors, First Nations leaders, union officials and provincial and federal governments. A large group of mayors, approximately 30 from Northern Ontario and Quebec, traveled to Ottawa in late May to meet with federal officials and held a press conference criticizing the misinformation and market campaign activities irresponsible actions of Greenpeace and like-minded activists. About 500 municipalities have spoken in strong terms, supporting official Resolutions condemning the ongoing misinformation and associated market campaign activity of certain irresponsible and dishonest activists. Strong, critical letters have been sent to Greenpeace by union leaders, mayors, First Nations Chiefs and others. Federal and provincial government officials are on the road meeting with customers from across the world to set the record straight.

It is very hard to believe that Greenpeace is sincere in its interest to come to a workable, long-term, sustainable solution; the clear track record of the organization is very difficult to overlook.

If you want to make your voice heard, please visit to send an email right now to Greenpeace and ForestEthics.

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