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What were Resolute’s total sales last year?

2014 total sales

Total sales for 2014 were US$4.258 billion. Where we distinguished ourselves was in our market pulp and wood products segments, which generated US$221 million of EBITDA. In other words, we add up what we’ve earned in these segments and deduct the interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization to calculate a measure we can use to determine financial health.

In this case, our EBITDA for these segments demonstrated a 30% improvement over 2013. Their strong performance helped us deliver three solid consecutive quarters to finish the year with US$366 million of adjusted EBITDA, even as the abnormally cold winter of 2014 set us back by US$55 million.

Check out Resolute’s combined 2014 Annual Report for more information on our financial and sustainability performance and other interesting #RFPfacts.

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  • George Weiss
    July 21, 2015 18:40

    Congratulations on your success, especially on your efforts to diversify, vs all eggs in one (newsprint) basket of the former AB, AC, AP operations.

    Wishing you continuing success

    George Weiss


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