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USW Expresses Concern About Activist Misinformation

United Steelworkers

Following strong demonstrations of support from a broad range of stakeholders and other interested parties, we share with you a letter from the United Steelworkers, representing 20,000 men and women employed in Canada’s forest products industry.  The letter expresses ongoing concern with continued activists’ misinformation campaigns targeting the Canadian boreal.

“For well over two years, Resolute Forest Products has been the target of an escalating misinformation campaign, mostly driven by your organization [Greenpeace Canada]. Your organization continues to interfere with commercial relations of the company, undermine its customer base, and jeopardize the viability of the very communities Greenpeace claims to be concerned about.”


“Your false allegations about the way Resolute manages the forest in Northern Ontario affects not only Resolute’s reputation but the reputation of our members as professionals evolving in this industry for, in many cases, more than 40 years.”

̶  Bob Matters, Chair, USW Wood Council

Over the last several months, unions, workers, communities, political leaders, First Nations and others have banded together in defending Canada’s world leading forestry practices and overall leadership on sustainability matters. They are demanding sustainable outcomes, ones that truly balance environmental, social and economic considerations for all people living and working in the Boreal.

To read the USW letter of support, click on link.

To view our previous blog post on this subject, click on link.


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