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Business ethics professor offers her point of view on CEO Richard Garneau’s principled stand

Dr. Jaana Woiceshyn quote

In her recent blog post, “Business under an attack: Lessons from Resolute Forest Products”, Dr. Jaana Woiceshyn, a professor of business ethics and competitive strategy at the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business offers an argument in support of businesses standing up against “bullying” from ENGO activist attacks. In particular, she writes about our CEO, Richard Garneau, and his response to recent attacks by ForestEthics.

Dr. Woiceshyn writes,

“This is exactly the response that a business under an attack needs to give: stand your ground and call out the attacker’s unethical conduct. When you know you are right and your accuser wrong, the right response is to claim the moral high ground and refute the false accusations.”

We encourage you to read Dr. Woiceshyn’s post in full.


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