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Job openings in Ontario: Maintenance and Operations

Resolute recruitment in the Maritimes

Resolute is growing its wood products segment with exciting new projects in Thunder Bay, Atikokan and Ignace (Ontario). Over 1,000 new employees joined Resolute last year, and we are now looking to hire over 4,000 new employees in the coming years. Many career opportunities are available to you.

Northwestern Ontario

Resolute’s recent C$90 million investment in Northwestern Ontario will create many new job opportunities. The projects include the construction of a new sawmill in Atikokan, the upgrade and restart of the Ignace sawmill and the production capacity increase and building of a new wood pellet plant at the company’s Thunder Bay sawmill.

Atikokan is our state-of-the art greenfield sawmill and planning operation currently under construction. You have the opportunity to embark on a journey to join our team for the commissioning and start-up of Ontario’s newest wood manufacturing facility. The following Atikokan positions are being recruited now to prepare for a spring start-up.

Ignace is our sawmill operation currently being upgraded and which restarted in December 2014. Join us as we embark on a journey to grow the operation and bring on line new kilns and log-handling systems.

Thunder Bay is our flagship sawmill and planning complex. The largest and most modern sawmill in Ontario has recently been upgraded and is undergoing expansion with the addition of a new wood pellet plant. You have the opportunity to join this world-class facility.

Resolute is about jobs where you grow; come and join us.

Maintenance Positions:

  • Electrician (Ignace and Thunder Bay)
  • Electrical Technician (Atikokan and Thunder Bay)
  • Electrical Apprentice – 3rd, 4th, 5th year (Ignace and Thunder Bay)
  • Millwright (Atikokan, Ignace and Thunder Bay)
  • Millwright Apprentice – 3rd, or 4th year (Atikokan, Ignace and Thunder Bay)
  • Maintenance Supervisor (Atikokan and Thunder Bay)
  • Saw Filer (Atikokan)

Operations Positions:

  • Sawmill & Planer Production Supervisor (Atikokan)
  • PLC & Optimization Supervisor (Atikokan)


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