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Building safer workplaces with Cognibox™

Resolute’s corporate culture puts a strong emphasis on ensuring that both our company, and the contractors we work with, operate according to the same high standards for workplace safety, ethical operations and transparency. While it has been relatively straightforward to assess and measure our own results, it’s harder to track the progress of our contractors.

That’s why over the past year, Resolute has begun using a new online tool called Cognibox™ to track and evaluate contractor compliance with our stringent insurance, safety, environmental, regulatory and administrative standards.

Cognibox is a secure online management platform that allows contractors to instantly determine whether they are eligible to complete work for Resolute, and what kinds of processes and training they may need to implement in order to bring themselves into compliance.

Contractors easily see what they need to meet Resolute’s requirements and can keep track of the expiration dates of their insurance and safety certificates. Best of all, once qualified, suppliers are eligible to work at any of Resolute’s operations without additional qualification processes.

Cognibox protects both Resolute employees and our contractors by ensuring that everyone working at our operations shares the same standards, training and oversight. Safer operations are better for everyone and a priority for our company.

2014 was our best year ever in terms of safety performance. Our Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) incident rate was 0.83, below our target of 0.99 and in line with world-class safety performance. This represented a 22% reduction in total recordable injuries compared to 2013, and a more than 50% reduction compared to 2011.

Resolute will continue to diligently pursue our goal of establishing a “total safety organization” by setting ambitious targets for future safety performance and working with key suppliers to ensure that everyone shares our high standards for workplace safety.


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