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New Resolute TV ads feature real people working and living in the Boreal

Resolute TV ads

If you don’t live in a community in the Boreal, it can be hard to understand the deep connection that exists with the forest. But a series of short videos we’re releasing this month should change that.

We sent video crews to our Thunder Bay (Ontario) and Saint-Félicien (Quebec) operations to talk to Resolute employees, suppliers, and other interested parties – all of whom live, work and experience the Boreal.

Seven ads highlight the importance of the forest to the people who live there

The result? A series of seven, 30-second videos set to air on regional Ontario and Quebec television as well as online, featuring candid discussions with real people about how they feel about their work and about the forest — including one with celebrity sports figures who have deep roots in the Boreal.

To be aired in April, the television spots reveal the importance of the industry as a regional employer, the pride employees take in their work, the importance of the forest as a sustainable resource, and the place it has both as an economic driver and a valued social and environmental place they cherish.

Forest workers are guardians of an important resource

Each video is a deeply personal message, giving voice to the people that see themselves as respectful guardians of this important resource. The interviewees remind viewers that: “The forest is all of us” and share their own experiences, which span generations.

Of course, we think they’re great. But have a look and see for yourself.

Foresters are proud of how far we have come

A family’s forest history

“I would love to see my son take over what we do”

French versions

La forêt, une histoire de famille

« La plus belle job au monde! »

« C’est à notre tour de prendre le flambeau »

« Les arbres, ça représente nos vies »

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